You have many helpers on the other side that deliver teachings and advise us we walk our earthly journey.  Your Spirit Guides were with you at the time of signing your soul contract and establishing your purpose.  They also understand our humanness and can show you how to create the best outcome for the challenges you are faced with.  Be open to the counsel of your Spirit guides and ask them to help you with the best course of action.  Follow up on introductions and talk to strangers whom you meet by chance.  Listen without judgement and receive wise counsel.

To assist you, you can also call on Archangel Jeremiel who helps us re-evaluate where we are and decide on how and when to move forward – or in a new direction.  As you become more aware of guidance, write down the solutions you receive, write down what you believe should be reviewed or transformed – or even what you need to let go off.  Your Spirit Guides are standing by to help you.

Sending you a Guidance filled week!
So much love