The light and love within me is there for YOU.  Find inner harmony, healing and allow Divine love to change your life.

Why Work with Me

How does it feel to be free?
How does it feel to be in complete harmony with your life?
Is abundance and joy only for some?
How do we live with complete acceptance?
How do we unlock miracles in our lives?

All of this is possible and in our ability to bring into our lives.  We don’t have to suffer pain, resentment, barriers or block to our spiritual intention and purpose.  It is true that many of life’s challenges and circumstances are part of our journeys – yet, it is not those that determine our outcomes in life – it is HOW we choose to BE with whatever happens in our lives that makes all the difference.

Once we clear the mind from judgement and limitations, the soul becomes free and able to guide your life differently, your purpose, your choices, your physical and emotional being.  You are open to LOVE, ABUNDANCE, JOY and CONTENTMENT.

This is INNER HARMONY with your world, people and circumstances.

I facilitate Angel Therapy sessions, working with the Angelic Realm for your healing and Inner Harmony.  I empower and teach you to do the same, to use the help of your Guides and Angels with every aspect of your healing, your purpose and the guidance you may need.  All sessions are completely guided and working closely and helping you to work with the Archangels on all areas of your earthly journey.

Serving as the channel to facilitate healing and guidance we offer group sessions, Angel parties, intuitive energy healing sessions, workshops and private one-on-one sessions and readings – very often a combination session as we are Guided to do.

Do you want to grow spiritually and develop your Divine Communication?

I also serve as a mentor and spiritual coach and REIKI Master – teaching spiritual development, Reiki I, II and Masters.

The light and love within me is there for YOU.  Find inner harmony, healing and allow Divine love to change your life.

I believe that Unconditional Love and Abundance are inherent within all of us and that is why I chose to be a Divine Guidance Coach, teaching Spiritual Wisdom and Connection that is practical, simple, and easy to understand. Join a retreat, book a reading or walk a healing journey with me and be on the receiving end of love and miracles in your own life. ~Michelle Vooght: Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Divine Guidance Coach

About Me

Michelle Vooght is a spiritual healer, coach and teacher who has spent the last 12 years working in the spirit realm and helping clients to create abundance in all areas of their life by equipping them with the skills to create the kind of life they were predestined to live.

A clairsentient (able to feel and pick up on concealed emotions), a clairaudient (able to hear sounds or words from the spirit world) and a clairvoyant (able to see people and angels in the spirit world), Michelle has assisted individuals, professionals within the corporate world, business owners and those who are terminally ill with authentic guidance regarding various questions they have had about their lives.

A qualified human resources practitioner who specialises in organisational and individual performance in the public sector and develops employee training manuals for large corporates in South Africa.

She has also completed Reiki 1 and 2 courses, a Masters’ course in Reiki, an Ayurvedic Healing System and Massage therapy course, and was mentored by a well-known Johannesburg-based psychic for three years.

In 2007, with complete trust in the ability of the Universe to provide for her needs, Michelle left the corporate sector to focus on providing spiritual healing, coaching and teaching to individuals and groups; train up-and-coming Reiki practitioners as a qualified Reiki Teacher; provide intuitive energy healing and teachings on spiritual growth; and act as a conduit for messages from the Angels and from clients’ deceased loved ones.

By merging her corporate and spiritual career paths, Michelle has been blessed to work across many different industries, life experiences and situations and has drawn on both these life paths to create self-development programmes that focus on the importance of using the heart and mind to reach our full potential.

She is a sought-after and inspirational motivational speaker who has presented talks on topics such as Creating Abundance in your Life, Following your Intuition and Divine Guidance, Turn your Business Around, and Disability in the Workplace at various corporate events, business networks and fairs.

Michelle is also a qualified Interactive Corporate Trainer on ‘The Turn Around Principle’™, which teaches individuals how to turnaround whatever is holding them back from optimum performance and managing the self for high performance. 

In 2015, she published her own Guidance Deck called Whispered Guidance, which provides daily guidance for all aspects of our daily lives. In the same year she also launched her spiritual retreats which allow clients to spend time in a tranquil setting while connecting with Divine Guidance and the Angel Realm and Guides for individual and group healing.