Good evening everyone,

A little inspiration came to mind – you have the whole word in your hands…

Sometimes we feel small or unsure.
Sometimes it feels as if we are not always equipped to deal with the challenges that life throws at us.
We may be embarking on a new journey, a career change and we feel overwhelmed at where to start or unsure how things may work out.  We forget the potential of who we truly are and what we can be.

The truth is this – you have come this far by who you are.  Your life, your experiences but most of all YOUR LOVE and YOUR TRUTH of what YOU believe is right for you, that is what makes you shine.  That is what brings out the best in you.

You can only bring the best of you.
You can, through the eyes of love, see the best in others.
You can show up every day, being just this.

Most importantly, it starts with that little voice saying “I believe in you, just trust yourself, you’ve got this”
Then the realisation, I do have the whole world in my hands.  What I believe to be true for me, is what will be.

Yes, I have the whole world in my hands, I can take one day at a time and follow the path of my dreams – if only I believe it.  We can either ask ourselves “what if it fails?”  or we can ask ourselves “what if I succeed?”

Sending you courage, love and truth,