There has been many definitions, impressions and expectations created with the concept of self-love.  For many, self-love means taking the time out to do things for Self.  We are continuously saying that we need to make time for ourselves, take a massage, a day off or do something for ourselves.

We have the continuous arguments for or against spending money on ourselves – and in doing so, we perform a great act of self-love.  Indeed so.

Personally, for me as a mother, ensuring that my son has everything he needs or that I buy him something special, something he always wanted, fills my heart with so much gratitude and makes me happy.  For me, being so happy and feeling the joy well up in my heart for doing this, fills up my love bank personally.

It makes my heart sing and almost it is as if I am doing it for myself – as in my very own biggest wishes come true!  It is as if my own worth increases – I am worthy to have been afforded the privilege of providing for another one of God’s precious Souls.

This is where self-love takes on another vibration.  Self-love can be that recognition, that honouring of the Self that reflects positive and beautiful thoughts and gestures towards oneself. Acts of self-love fills up our personal “heart” love bank.

Self-worth is something much deeper than an act of time or gift towards oneself.  Self-worth is deepening the self-respect, honour, trust and unconditional love for yourself. This means that we will suddenly feel that we deserve the good things in life, that we make life choices based on the high regard I have myself, and not in accordance with feeling guilty, pleasing another or compromising on what is we truly deserve.

Tip for the day:
Start by asking “If I love myself, truly, truly love myself, will I be making this choice for my life right now?” whenever you need to make a decision for your life or deciding what will be good for you in the moment.
Write down the decisions you will make for your life right now.
Write down what you need to let go of, or what you would like to have more of, if you ask yourself this question.

Wishing you all a beautiful self-worth week,
Much love