Hi Everyone,

You are guided to see learnings as gifts.

It is true that we receive numerous learnings from the Universe. As we go through our journey, we are reminded that we are students of life at all times. When things don’t go our way, when we experience failure or rejection, every life circumstance brings about necessary learnings and growth. The question is, do you see this as such or do you see the negatives? When you resist what life offers, the situation will persist and you will find that life is one big struggle. When you accept what life has to offer and embrace the learnings in any given situation, life is one big miraculous unfolding of events.

You are guided to step aside from the world of judgement and view your learnings as gifts. Ask yourself, what gifts did loss bring? What gifts did rejection bring? What gifts were offered as a result of my perceived failure? By doing this, you welcome blessings into your life. You suddenly start seeing your spiritual growth and use the wisdom gained to do things differently going forward. Yes, life is indeed a classroom. Yet, this classroom also offers recess and breaks! Enjoy playtime, meet up with friends and like-minded people and laugh your way forward. Blessings and joy can be learnings too.

Sending so much love your way,