You are guided to write, write your heart out…

It is time for your heart’s wisdom to come out and restore that part of you which is longing to be heard.  What the mind blots out, the heart knows.

Write from your soul and let the words pour out from deep within you.  It is only the mind that says this is not possible or that you are not a writer – your soul knows.  The mind bows down to soul wisdom. You are a unique and beautiful soul with a message so write it.

Whether it is your first book, your blog, writing about a situation that has troubled you, writing about your dreams and wishes – let your heart’s wisdom come out and play.

The Angels love to write with us; you can ask them to write through your hands and allow sacred, divinely guided messages to pour fourth onto the paper. In every script there is guidance, love, knowledge and wisdom. Receive these through your own writing.

This guidance could also call on you to start keeping a journal of your daily musings and contemplation’s as this can become very useful in time to come.

I wish you beautiful soul filled moments, on paper.