Hi everyone,

When you feel a bit muddled, or you seek clarity on a particular situation, why not write it out?

Do you feel restless, as if it feels like you are jumping from the one thing to the next? Why not write it out?

It does not matter if you write only the questions, it doesn’t matter if you ponder and open your heart onto paper, it doesn’t matter that your sentences are not grammatically correct – it matters that you connect with your sacral chakra, your creativity, your inspiration, your motivation and your healing.

Write a story of your dreams, write your story of your life, start with the first chapter – or continue the next one….

Today’s guidance is about writing it out or joining a writer’s group for some inspiration, friendship and support.

You can simply become quiet, ask Archangel Gabriel to assist you with Divine Journalling – simple BE for a while, then set intention – what is your question? What do you wish to write about?

Then trust yourself and what you are receiving,

Wishing you an inspirational, healing weekend,
So much love