Today I am choosing to be HAPPY.  Yes, it is Valentine’s day and a whole lot of LOVE is going around and I am happy – happy with all the couples, loved ones, friends that are taking time out to make another feel special.

I am happy, for no particular reason – only inviting the vibration of happy into my being.  Have you ever tried it?  Sit for a moment, start with a smile.  Then say, “I am happy”.  Smile again.  Say “Yes, I am happy”.  Feel the inner smile in your heart.  Then continue your day.

You don’t have to wait for that long awaited change – for someone or something outside of yourself to feel this.

Work with a smile because you are happy.  Walk with a smile because you can.  Lift your head to the sky, smile and be happy.


Because you are still here, because your life has made a difference and will continue to do so.
Because you have so much to give and to receive.
Because your life holds the promise of happiness – you just need to invite it in.

Sending a whole lot of happy your way this weekend!