Why do we fear asking?

Is it because we feel bad?
Do we feel that we are allowed to receive?
Will we be less thought of, will we come across as weak?
Will we come across as incompetent?


Certain things we know and certain things we don’t know. Full stop. We were never expected to know everything. And if we place that expectation on ourselves we will be under enormous (unnecessary) pressure to perform and or be perfect. If this was the case, why would we then need to grow, learn, be empowered, gained knowledge and educate ourselves?
The biggest gift in not knowing is that we have an opportunity to ask. Once asked, we know the answer forever.
If anything, by asking we integrate, we involve ourselves in discussion, we build confidence.


When stepping into a new position, a new venture a new relationship we often feel we do not want to disappoint the other person, colleague or employer. We do silent research, struggle to find alternatives, work in isolation – all because we do not want to fail – or come across as incompetent.
The challenge is this – every new venture, every position, every interaction provides an opportunity to share our expertise and to ask opinions of others. The only impression it will leave upon others is one of – involvement, participation, enthusiasm and humbleness.
All impressions we need to embrace others – and we need others if we want to get anywhere in life!
The only word for failure is learning:
I didn’t get the job – what was my learning?
I missed the deadline, made a mistake – what was my learning?
I disappointed someone I love – what was my learning……?


We feel good when we give. We feel needed, wanted and that is why so many of us are givers! And it is noble, in some instances, relentless. This is all good.
Think of this…if giving makes you feel so good, is receiving from others then not in actual fact giving? Giving others the gift of feeling good about themselves.
Yes, it is difficult to receive…yet it is a blessing. Not receiving firstly, blocks any blessings, gifts, answers and abundance. The more you are receptive, the more you will receive.
And feeling bad about receiving? Know that you are worthy to receive, be in gratitude for someone that has offered of their resources, time, knowledge and presence to you. Indeed you are worth it!
And if we can get the giving and receiving thing right and in balance – then asking for help will become a strength to empower ourselves and others.

ASKING is a huge privilege
ASKING allows us to learn
ASKING allows us to say THANK YOU
THANK YOU brings respect, people and the right circumstances into our lives
THANK YOU brings abundance, joy, love and fulfillment

Wishing you day of asking and receiving,
So much love