Hi everyone,

Who are you inspired by?  Who do you look up to as a mentor or an example to you….one day I would love to be like…? It is true that we receive examples along the way, we admire and respect role models in our lives, teachers and mentors whom we receive light from, who encourag, guide and teach us.

The most important person however that can inspire you, that can bring out the best in you, that can believe in you like no one else can and that has all the resources, potential and drive to be all they can be is YOU.

Just for today, be inspired by who you ARE and you CAN be.  Shine your light as best you know how, create the images of yourself being, doing what you have always wanted to BE and do. You are It.

Just for today, journal all the reasons why you are inspired by you.  Shine the light upon all your gifts, talents, values, bring them all out, give them the stage and let them play!  Be inspired by who you already are and let these become your foundation of who you can still be.

Ask Archangel Michael to help you today to see the I AM light within you,

Sending you so much love and encouragement,