How can I think more worthy of myself?
Recognition is the foundation, the springing board from which you can start to build yourself up, to start loving yourself, and seeing yourself in a different light.  You cannot give away what you don’t have, therefore, not being able to recognise yourself, to begin to see the good in your own life – you won’t be able to extend love and high regard towards others.

To be able to fully see the good in others, you must see the good in yourself too.  I guess for most of us, thinking and talking about how “good” we are or recognising our strengths, seem arrogant in a way.  Well, you will do anything to make sure that the person you love, knows how awesome they are, will you not?

For self-love, for pure unconditional love to work in your life, you have to grant yourself the same gift too!

Think for a minute how you speak everyday…thoughts and words such as “I am stupid”, “I am not good enough to do this” “I fail all the time” “I am not talented” “I am not attractive” “I am not beautiful”…and the list goes on and on.

For most of us, these phrases started when we were very young, comparing ourselves to others at school, when we received poor marks or we didn’t get that part in the school production/play that we wanted.

When our relationships fail, what are our first thoughts?  “I wasn’t good enough to keep him/her”

What we need to know, is that whatever words we place after I AM, become true for us. The vibration and power of the words I AM, has the energetic power to change our vibration to who we truly are.  I AM connects you with your highest self, with God and the Universe and therefore, the words you use with I AM must be in line with your highest self.  In the eyes of God, you are perfect, beautiful, good enough and it is time for you to step into the being of who you truly are.  This is the highest form of Love.

The words I AM, are holy and can help you letting go of any negative, unworthy and self-loathing beliefs you have towards yourself. Start thinking and speaking of yourself as a Holy Divine Being, a child of God and see how you rise above.

Ask yourself:

“How can I change the I AM’s in my life today?”

Wishing you beautiful self thougths today!
So much love,