Welcome back to the start of a brand new year.  Always at the start of a journey one feels secure in the knowing that you have a roadmap, an image of the destination.

We don’t always know how the journey will unfold, we don’t always know the pitstops along the way and sometimes, on the spur of the moment, we decide to stay overnight or extend our journey to have fun, excitement and excursions along the way.

This is my wish for you, to add some fun in your journey.
To not want to rush to the destination but take some time to smell the flowers and enjoy the scenery along the way.
To sometimes be impulsive and decide to add adventure as you go!

At the start of your journey, ask your Guides what it is you need to know.  Or ask your Master Teacher Guide to be present as you draft your goals.  Create a Vibe Board and add colour and feeling to your vision.  This is your year to enjoy the journey.

Our message for today:

You are guided to ask your Guides
There is more guidance available to you right now.  You have many helpers on the other side: God, your Soul or Higher Self, Angels, Helpers and Spirit Guides.  Spirit Guides are known to be by our side to deliver teachings and advise as we walk our earthly journey.  They were with you at the time of signing your soul contract, at the time of establishing purpose before you were born.  You have many Guides on your journey that assist you with purpose, career, life and other issues you may be faced with. They understand our humanness as they may too have been in human form  before. They will show you how to create the best outcome for the challenge you are faced with at this time. Be open to their counsel and receive the intention that is always for your highest good.  The Spirit Guides often show you that which you cannot see.  Ask them today to help you out.  You can draw another card from this deck and hold the intention for wise counsel or you can sit quietly and receive the teaching now.  If you were to be absolutely honest with yourself right now, what is the best course of action? Follow up on introductions and talk to strangers whom you meet by chance; listen without judgement, without preconceived ideas. Listen and receive wise counsel.

From my card deck: Whispered Guidance

So much love