Hi everyone,

Today I am reminded about stories and how our own stories can either hold us back or move us forward.  It depends at which chapter you have left the bookmark in.  Are you still in a chapter in the past that you keep on re-reading?   Or have you left a bookmark somewhere, with the intention to go back there again – and this is bookmark is popping up as a constant reminder in your own life of regret?  Or perhaps beautiful memories that you want to treasure and relive again?

Our story is up to us – is beautiful to recall beautiful times, to remember how blessed we were, the miracles that happened there, the lovely holidays, good memories – allow these to fill up your heart with joy and recall them often – remind yourself that good times and beautiful memories are yours to keep AND to create again, make time for these.  

If it is perhaps with sadness or regret, yes that is painful at times, but you can choose to attach a loving, forgiving and grateful vibration to those times – to forgive and to lean into the journey with gratitude, embracing the gifts that your life brought to you, has brought you were you are today.

Every day of our lives we are ready for a new chapter…every day of our lives we have the opportunity to make the day count, to breathe, to uplift, to do ONE thing towards our dream, to extend a helpful hand and to receive support and help when it is offered.  

Your life story, with all your experience, learnings, blessings and memories can catapult you forward into happiness and joy again.

Start today…it’s a good, good day to smile, look up and be the best you you can be,
Much love