Gratitude for me, is so much more than merely receiving, so much more than the opposite of lack, so much more than a vibration of having vs not having…Gratitude is a vibration connected to deep, deep joy for what is, for the present moment, for life force, for potential, for love, for support, for divine guidance and understanding and the unfolding of blessings and miracles.

Gratitude opens up the heart chakra, ignites a vibration of excitement and faith for what is to come, allowing more of the deeply fulfilled present moments, allowing more of what is. Is your “what is, present moment” filled with gratitude?

In one moment, there is so much to be grateful for. In one day there is so much to be grateful for. Where we place our attention, is what expands for us…allowing yourself to see gratitude in a vibration filled with joy, faith, excitement, appreciation – all as one GOOD vibration – allows you to feel more and more of the same.

Deeply grateful for all that is and all that is to come – for LIFE!
Wishing you happiness,