What if….or what else?

At the start of a new year, at the start of a few unknowns, what choices lie before you know?

• What if we kept on believing the same thing?
• What if we kept on doing things in the same way?
• What if we keep on with our same routines, same habits, same thought processes?

Well I guess then, things will remain the same – we will remain stuck. Many of the wisdoms, principles and guidance shared, we have heard or learnt somewhere else before. We have an Inner Wisdom and Higher Consciousness that is powerful beyond measure.  Maybe you know this, but have questioned why is not working for you in your life?  Why does it feel as if things are not working out for me?

Ultimately everything begins and ends with me.

If I wish to change my reality, I will have to change the way I have always looked at things. I would have to start taking the time to access that which is within me.

I would have to start making the effort to apply the learnings I so often receive. The effort perhaps of meditation, of re-training the mind on new beliefs or asking for help.

I must be the change, I am responsible for my life and yes, it is indeed so. The behaviour or change that we want to receive in this world, we have to give first.

“That which I wish to receive, is the behaviour I have to give”

In doing so, we must give differently than what we did in the past – if we wish our results to be different. We must adopt an approach of giving from myself first before I have any expectations of anyone else, and even of life, giving back to me.  Yes, it is true that there are many things that happen on our journey that impacts or influences the way we see things, or our behaviour. However, nothing will turn around if we remain stuck here.

It is not what happens to me, it is what I do about it.

You might say, I am tired of giving, I am tired of trying – I have not asked for what has happened to me, I have not asked for the suffering or the challenges – It was not my fault.

The truth is this:
We first must fully embrace and accept that where are up to this point, is where we are. No judgement, no blame – only the hope, trust and faith that there is a turn-around point.

In this state of acceptance, I then have to say:

“What are the wisdom, principles and guidance I need right now?”
“How can I look at this with new eyes, an open mind and an unconditional heart?”
“What actions or effort do I need to put in – to make this wisdom my new reality?”

Then allow yourself to embrace that which you receive and here is the ultimate turn-round: Whatever change, behaviour or circumstance you wish to turn around, you have to give that first.

You want love? Give it to everyone you meet and those you are calling closer.
You want forgiveness? Give it to yourself and others.
You want abundance? Give joy, blessings, and gratitude.
You want inspiration? Give it to someone else who needs it.
You want to be fearless? Give fearless back to you, encourage others.

And so it goes on. In so doing we receive that which we wanted to create. How do you give it? Start living it, step by step every single day. Small steps, one action at a time and you will experience a new way, a turn-around way of looking at life. And ultimately, you have Heaven’s help.

We have so much guidance and support always available to us and if is your intent to access Their Wisdom – all you need to do is ask and the answer will come.

Believe differently and your results will be different too.