This week we have the FEELINGS CHALLENGE!  On our weekly message video we share a challenge of choosing high vibration feelings and leaning into them throughout the day.

What are your most favourite feelings?  Is it that feeling of being in love?  Is it the feeling of peace?  Did you know that you can create those vibrations in your day to day life without waiting for circumstances to change first before you experience it?

Watch the video below and join us on this weeks challenge.

My feeling for today is ACCEPTANCE.  I am choosing to feel acceptance for where I am in my life right now.  I am in acceptance of what is, in acceptance of where I am now and knowing that every step I take on this day, is another step towards where I am being guided to and towards my dream.

I am in acceptance of my past, the mistakes I have made and in acceptance of all the learnings received.  This was difficult at first as regret sometimes weaves its way into one’s heart when you least expect it.  I am in acceptance and forgiveness.

I am accepting that everything led me to this point, and I am so, so grateful for the Divine Guidance, Love and Support along the way.

Most importantly I am in acceptance of who I am today.

What is the feeling you CHOOSE today?

With love and acceptance,