Hi everyone

As I was not able to connect with you all live on Sunday for our usual “Sunday Mornings with the Angels” Weekly Message, I asked for guidance today and would like to share it with you.

It is indeed a time for closing off projects that have come to end, and also the tasks that need to be completed for some time now.  As you are closing off the old, and planning the new, remember to ask for help.  You can ask the angels for helpful people to assist you and don’t try and do everything yourself. (as we often to do)

Award yourself the gift of that extra pair of hands, or a lighter load.  Coming full circle in so many aspects of our lives means that we must let go of what does not serve us anymore, what is incomplete or not resolved.  Forgive yourself where you have been to hard on yourself or others.

Let go of regret and the “could have”, “should have”, and move to place of intention, faith and love.  For you, for the things and people you love and for doing those things that make your heart and soul happy.  Take important actions and steps towards these.

This leads the way to spending your time, energy and resources to the new beginnings, ideas, projects, and relationships.
Our cards for this week:

Ten of Gabriel – “ask your angels for helpful people to lighten your load.  Working too many hours.  Trying to hard to please others.”

New Beginnings (20) – “Starting a new life.  Finding your purpose.  A forgiving and compassionate review of the past.”

The Empress (3) – “Time to act upon your plans! Creativity is rewarded.  Luxurious or abundant resources.”

Much love and joy to you,