Hello Everyone,

Our Weekly message for this week was a powerful one, please see the video of Sunday mornings with the angels, if you have missed it.

YOU are a Warrior of Light during this time.  We don’t have to be lightworkers, healers or guru’s to spread Light.  What you have within you, giving with love and kindness, standing up for truth – this is what you can do.  It lifts YOU up, it is contagious and most of all, it gives HOPE.   What is your intention for your life Warrior of Light?

A card reading with Archangel Raphael, guiding on the healing light of Jesus, the Divine Healer, Spiritual Authority, and Inner Authority.  Prayer for today; “ Archangel Raphael, thank you for supporting me as I take back my power and listen to my intuition, desires, and feelings”

So much love to you all,