Your weekly message for 11 November 2019 week:

Make a decision today to let it all go.  Release from the outcome, the how’s, the complexities and the why’s…live for today.  Breathe in the present moment, set intention, choose in the moment what feels right.  Act in the present moment.  Pondering, delaying, figuring out the outcome keeps us stuck.

Let it all go.  Today.  Know that you are worthy, part of divine perfection and plan.  Know that everything is working out as it should.  Feel the worthiness fill up your heart.  Feel the virtues of love, faith, trust, hope and joy making you stronger, lightening the load. You are worthy and deserving and good enough, more than good enough.  You are pure potential and light.

Once inward, now turn this outward – start seeing everyone else through the same eyes. See everyone as love and all part of divine creation and worthy.  It starts a cycle of receiving and giving love.  It is this love that heals.

Set this intention for your week,  Communicate with your Guardian Angel today.  Have conversations with your Master Teacher Guide.  Open up.  Receive.  Trust what you know to be true for you in this moment.

Wishing you so much love and blessings