The other evening I had such a special connection with the most beautiful unicorn energy! I felt such a strong presence of love and helpfulness and it felt as if my entire aura was being cleared…and I was left with this sense of purity and love.

The unicorns are beautiful Divine Beings from a higher dimension, serving all humanity on their path of love and light.  They assist us with wishes and dreams and help all those with a purpose to serve humanity or the planet.  Call upon them if you feel a strong desire to work in a serving capacity or humanitarian quests or projects. They can invoke the energies of confidence, strength and justice within you, with dignity and respect, as you stand in truth and do what is right. 

Ask the Unicorns to raise your energy and frequency as you continue with your life purpose to serve others.  Don’t be despondent as this light and energy will attract other people to you and you will receive the help and support you need.  As you rise up, so will others. Yes, you can wish upon a star – make a wish and ask the Unicorns to present you with a gift. 

If you wish to experience this connection, simply close your eyes, ask for your unicorn to be present and simply sit in silence…you can also hold out your hands and feel the tingle and warmth as the energy changes. Dont’ doubt what you experience or what you see – it is your connection. Simply trust.

Sending you beautiful divine connections,
Love and Blessings