Hi everybody,

We are just back from an amazing ESCAPE weekend – what a profound and soul filled time we all had.  We are so busy living life, doing, doing, doing that we often forget to take a soul journey and that is what we have experienced on the ESCAPE retreat.  Journey’d through amazing times, with amazing friends and simply allowing guidance to speak.

My message for you today is that you can experience the same. You can do a soul journey at any time – allow yourself the peace and quiet to contemplate. To simply not ask anything, not heal from anything – simply just BE.

In our BEINGNESS and allowance of letting go we find many treasures.  New insights, new experiences and a new way of looking at our journey.  Sometimes we think that something must look a particular way, or there must be a very specific outcome to the decisions we make.  And if it doesn’t go the way we have planned or imagined we feel disappointed in the way the Universe has stepped in.  Sounds familiar?

The truth is, in the state of allowance, trust and faith we make a decision and then we let it BE.  We allow for the journey to unfold, we connect with our stillness inside to experience the wisdom that will come with the unfolding of the decision.

How do we do this?  Take some time, book a day or three in your calendar and be still.  Dont create things to do in that time…sit quietly, go for solitary walks, listen with your Soul, meditate with a crystal, invite your guardian angel for company and allow your soul to speak.  Simply let words, feeling and images pour into your beingness.  Meditate, journal, sing and dance to music all by yourself and be PRESENT in every MOMENT.

We don’t always have to know the answers, simply experience your journey…the answers will come, the guidance will happen.
Wishing you an amazing week filled with beautiful experiences,

So much love