One of the most profound choices we have in life is that we decide when we want a new day.

We can choose to start new from today – whether we are working on our dreams, doing our jobs or improving relationships.  Every day, we can lift our head up, open our heart and say “today I am starting again”.  Just for today, I will embrace my learnings, forgive, give it another chance or create something new.

Too often we are held back by regrets, by the mistakes we have made.  Analysing and thinking why things are not working out, lowering our vibration to self-dobut and regret and eventually it consumes us to the point that we think it is impossible and all gets too much.

Shouldn’t we consume ourselves with new beginnings?  We have free will, we can decide at any given time, how we want to embrace the next moment, the next day.  What would you do if today was the new beginning, the first day of creation for you?  What if today was the beginning of the new year when you were so eager to get going?

You can manifest the life you want, what you need will come to you – there are succesful beginnings.  These beginnings start when you make the choice.  When you decide, to start again, to make this a NEW day.

Don’t be limited by regret any longer.  Yes, there are times you cannot bring the situation or the person back; you can recall it as often as you want and instead of feeling guilt and sadness CHOOSE to feel gratitude for your learnings, knowing henceforth you have gained wisdom. Send love and forgiveness to the past situation or person and heal from regret.

Look up, lift your arms up into the air, open your heart, let love, hope and wisdom guide you from this moment.

There is always a NEW day,
Much love and new beginnings to you