Dear Ones,

Your truth is your truth.
You are guided to think, say and act with integrity  

Integrity is calling for you to stand in your truth. What is integrity you may ask? Integrity is having the courage to honour and stand up for your own truth. It is saying that you stand in clarity and peace with everybody around you. All intentions and actions are for the Highest Good. You may fear conflict or think that you may offend someone if you speak your truth.  Or perhaps you feel  unworthy of the truth or choose to rather withdraw than deal with the situation at hand.

If we remember that we are all connected, that we are all part of the same energy, we can invoke the vitality of love, wisdom, healing and protection and in such energy be able to act upon and speak our truth.  In this energy of love, integrity flows easily as your intent will  be not to harm, offend or judge, but to merely light the way with your own truth.  Even if it feels that you are the only person who is truthful at this time, stand firm.

Integrity may be lonely at times, yet it always remains powerful.  It is not what you speak but the  energy with which you speak that will make the difference and heal the situation. Be courageous and speak your truth.

Have a light filled weekend,
So much love always,