Hi everyone,

What a powerful healing evening we experienced during the livestream Facebook session on the soul star chakra with Archangel Mariel.  The replay is long, but so, so worth it!  And if you wish to heal from the past, to tap into your Soul again, tap into the potential of soul wisdom, knowledge and light – join the guided meditation towards the end.

When you activate the light of your soul star chakra, you tap into all of your Soul’s knowledge.  I lovingly refer to this chakra as my “google” –  as I can tap into this divine knowledge whenever I feel I need to get to the understanding of something or learn NEW information that I might need at this time.

You can also raise your vibration by raising the light of your other chakra’s, to connect with the soul star chakra, to experience healing and harmony for body, mind and soul.

Archangel Mariel can support your healing and help you to activate your soul star chakra and reveal this potential to you.  He can assist to help heal your heart from guilt into self-worth, from self-worth into compassion and tuning into pure, unconditional love.  This is where you know that ultimately your soul’s journey is about being in service.  In service of love.  How does this look like you may ask?

In service of love means I show my soul’s light wherever I go, whomever I encounter.  I do this through acts of kindness, a warm smile, a plate of food to a neighbour, a listening ear, and an understanding heart.  Show up, in your soul light, where you are, with what you have.  This is what is needed on this planet right now.

You can also manifest with your dreams and desires through working with your soul star chakra – it is indeed a powerful projection of your visualisation into the Heavens.  The video below will share with you how.

Wishing you soul conversations and healing moments with Archangel Mariel,