Hi everyone,

We dream of so many things!  Travelling, freedom, changing jobs, losing weight, being happy, finding a partner…the list goes on and on. There are coaches, healers, lightworkers, mentors who have all these amazing offerings to support us along the journey of changing our life for a new or better reality.  And all this is indeed possible.  Yet, through it all we always need to remember this one thing.

You have to start with love.  Loving yourself to the point of fully accepting yourself for who you are.  Loving yourself to the point that you believe that YOU are worthy of anything because you love you. Loving yourself to the point of not judging yourself so much for all the regrets, your shortcomings, what you have not achieved yet and the millions of other things we come up with to move ourselves further away from love and paralysed by fear.

Love others – let it be easy, allow someone else to love themselves in the same way that you have come to learn to love you.  Compassion, kindness, forgiveness and grace can only be bestowed upon another if you do the same for you.  Or if someone has shown this to you – that feeling to be on the receiving end of such understanding and acceptance?  Can you remember that feeling?  Pass it on.  To your children, your loved ones, your family and friends.

In doing so, the world will open up to you!  As you fall in love with live, it shows you all the beauty and all the possibilities and all the gratitude and all the blessings – this is your starting point for your new reality, your new journey.

Lets get back to love,
Wishing you so much love and joy

PS: Today I received a beautiful note from the Universe (you can subsribe to daily notes from the Universe by following Mike Dooley – TUT).  So apt for this article:

The top 10 things people claim to have taken for granted, Michelle , when they were alive:
How important they were to so many.
How easy life was when they stopped struggling.
That all of their prayers and thoughts made a difference.
That there really were no coincidences.
How far ripples of kindness actually spread.
What really was important: happiness, friends, love.
That any and all dreams can come true.
How good-looking and fun they always were.
How much guidance they received at all times.
That God was fully present in everything, always.
As expressed by the recently departed, fresh after their life-review on the big, BIG screen. 
The Universe”