Expenses, expenses, expenses – don’t we all know about that? In our Love is a currency series, we explore the concept to look at love as a currency of flow, of giving and receiving in our lives.

Love expenses is that what we give to others of ourselves.  Yes, our time, our love, our attention, gifts and so on.  For many of us, this is what we do on a day to day basis.  AS mentioned before, receiving brings in the balance here.

The biggest expense in love we have to give is the BEST of ourselves! WE give the best of ourselves, not because of ego or feeling good about ourselves – but because we want everybody to be the best they can be!  Lesser judgement of expenses, means lesser judgement towards others.  This is the link to unconditional love.

WE can either resent a bill we have to pay, or we can be in gratitude for the service we received.  Similarly, we can either resent the love we give to others, in the hopes that they will change, or we can be in gratitude for their presence in our lives.

There is a saying “my past in your past, my present is not your present, my future is not your future.  I can only give you the best of me, in order for you to see the best in you”

Thus, our expenses, that which we give to others, can only be the best version of ourselves.  And if we judge ourselves all the time, if we are not in acceptance of our weaknesses, of that which makes us grow, we cannot see the best version of someone else.  Or we will rely on others, to help us see the best version of ourselves.  In the world of love, it starts with you.  It starts with us.

That which you are hesitant to give, that which you feel insecure about, or that which makes you feel not good enough, how can you learn to move that into acceptance of yourself?  If you learn to love all aspects of yourself, you will soon find the same acceptance of the weaknesses of others, you will become less judgmental and you will soon recognise the gifts that we all bring to one another.

In the world of money as a currency, we want to buy what we love, we want to spend money on improving ourselves on becoming better version of ourselves.  In the world of love as a currency, we want to spend acceptance and love in order to become better version of ourselves.

Once you learn to love yourself fully, without judgement, you are able to love others, unconditionally, in the same way.