What truly lies within self-acceptance?  Yes, an acceptance of self, fully, completely, as I am.  Feeling OK with me, with who I am now, in this moment, and letting go of the need to constantly justify my actions.  For most of us, this is self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance is that and even more.  It is also when you can fully open up, to receive guidance and wisdom with such an open heart, as if you are a young child, learning to read for the first time, listening from a point of “I know nothing”, being completely humble, completely receptive.

For many of us life is about right and wrong, about fearing mistakes, about being careful to open up, to be vulnerable or admitting our deepest fears – why?  Because we have a hard (judgemental) time accepting our blind spots.

Yet, these blind spots are EXACTLY what we need.  And why would one travel with blind spots if you can have a clear, open road before you?

That is the gift self-acceptance brings.  It is humble, it says ” I accept my journey, my choices, my mistakes, me, who I was, who I am, and I open myself up to feedback from the Universe to be able to receive, that which I still need in order to be completely free”

And how does the Universe give us feedback?  Through teachers, teachers that show up in challenging situations, wise teachers who cross your path with criticism, conflict, anger – yet also compliments, appreciation and recognition – listen, hear, see, feel, the feedback is all around you!

Give yourself permission to receive with a humble attitude and you will be amazed what freedom this brings.

Sending you peace and love