Hi everyone,

What a beautiful connection we had in our live session, working with the causal chakra and Archangel Christiel.  The causal chakra, is a 5th dimension chakra that radiates pure light.  It is our connection to Spirit, receiving messages and information from the spriitual realms.  Our connection to eternal peace and harmony.

Isn’t it such, that as we receive messages and information, we are content. We feel that we have connected to wisdom, compassion and understanding.  In my personal experience, activating and working through the casual chakra has ignited peace, insight and a capacity to hold space in love.  So that it even becomes tangible!

When you feel out of balance, when you constantly feel as if the same old, same old, is repeating itself in your life – it is time to release limiting beliefs, it is time to illuminate the patterns with light and ask for understanding to see clearly a different, new way going forward.  Your Higher Self can guide you to see this – and you can ask Archangel Christiel for healing and for your Higher Self to be illuminated and filled up with the powerful vibrations of the Christ Light consciousness.

How can you do this?  Be honest with yourself about these patterns, ask yourself what your role was (or is).  If you were your Higher Self (Soul person), what would you advise yourself?  What would you do differently going forward?  Then take the outcome of this discussion, bring it into the causal chakra and ask for any additional guidance or information  you might need.  Trust your intution, trust what you receive.

This powerful energy carries the vibrations of wisdom, peace, love, gentleness, light and compassion.  It renews, not only your own consicouness, but also that of the earth.  Be filled up, glow in this light, so that you can pass it on, ignite it within others – it is contagious once activated 🙂

It is a time of great opportunity, it is a time for us to raise our vibrations and see ourselves in a different light.  Ask Archangel Christiel to fill you up now and beam this beautiful light onto your journey, situations, relationships and new beginnings.

In this video, you will find towards the end, a beautiful healing meditation to experience this.

Wishing you so much love and LIGHT

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