Hi everyone,

Look Up, look around you, refresh that TO DO LIST – make a new one.  Review how far you have come and most of all – don’t allow bumps in the road to hinder your progress.  When we move into September, we do feel a sense of renewal.  Generally a time for detox and decluttering, it feels as if we have can move forward again, especially viewing the beautiful flowers in the Cape at this time.  One season has passed, a new one has begun – follow nature’s course today as you picture yourself as a beautiful flower, opening up, looking towards the Sun with new inspiration and hope.

Clear up communication with others, make those decisions that you have been procrastinating on.  It can only move you forward.  Say yes, say no.  It is important for you to know where you’re heading.

Ponder this question today:  If you knew the outcome was going to be good.  If you knew that everything will work out perfectly for you…would you trust the process where you are now?  If you knew the outcome will be positive, will you accept and embrace the present moment?  Most probably it is a YES!

We grow as we go, we learn as we lean into the present moment.  Trust.

Once you are in trust.  Once you know everything will work out just perfectly, you will see all the beauty around you – the beauty of SPRING.

Sending you so much love,