We all have inner Guidance, we all have that voice or knowingness or gut feel if you will, as to what to do next.  Sometimes it is a soft little whisper, other times a nagging pull or even a loud resounding YES! or NO! Can you recognise this?

Why then do we battle to trust ourselves?  Why do we doubt our own intuition sometimes?

FEAR – we want it to be JUST right.  We fear mistakes or the “wrong advice”.  How many times have you said: “I should have listened to my gut!”, “I knew it, I didn’t listen to that inner voice, I just knew it….”?

Or sometimes we get a feeling or an answer and we say: “But I don’t have the time or the money”…“I might fail and feel humiliated”…“I might be wrong…”

Don’t allow fear to talk you out of receiving what is GOOD for you?  You are always protected!  The guidance you receive is for your HIGHEST good at this time. Trust yourself.

Another barrier to listening to Guidance is feeling unworthy.  Do you believe you must suffer before something goes right? Do you still feel guilty to receive love, money, support?   Or that we must somehow force the action and effort for something to work. Do you want everything to be just RIGHT before you proceed?

When we receive and follow DIVINE GUIDANCE, even though it may be difficult or challenging, there is a peace, an inner harmony that comes with it, the action then almost seems effortless and in flow.  Start where you are, with what you have.

You are a precious child of GOD and you deserve it – all the abundance, all the miracles and all the GOOD your heart can hold!   Your mind tells you, you may not be worthy, but that is the (negative) ego. Your heart knows you are a truly DIVINE BEING that is worthy of a DIVINE INHERITANCE. The (positive) ego will help you with inspired ideas!

In the world of the mind, there is doubt, fear and judgement. In the world of the heart, there is pure, unconditional love. And this is true guidance.

Sending you peaceful knowingness today!