Hi everyone,

In today’s message, we were guided about the true power of intention and how this can assist you to move into clariy – get results and experience inner harmony.  As promised here are the interpretations of the Whispered Guidance received to support and assist you with intention setting:

You can listen to the replay of the Sunday Morning live video here – https://youtu.be/Mm87P99V1HM


You are guided to NOT doubt yourself.
Doubt comes from a fear of not knowing, feeling limited or not good enough.  Perhaps you fear mistakes or being “wrong”. Would you judge yourself if this might be the case?  Do you fear harsh judgement or conflict? For a moment, answer these questions with a complete open heart,  thinking only that you  will be able to turn self-doubt into self-confidence if you do!  What is true for you at this point? Look into your own doubtful mind and say out loud:  “This is ok, I am a student of the Universe, I don’t know what I don’t know and this is OK for me”. Once you have acknowledged this, go into what you truly fear.  No path in essence is wrong. Perhaps you don’t want to live with regret. Yes, there are times you cannot bring the situation or the person back; you can recall it as often as you want and instead of feeling guilt and sadness CHOOSE to feel gratitude for your learnings, knowing henceforth you have gained wisdom. Send love and forgiveness to the past situation or person and heal from regret. If you truly acknowledge the reason for your doubt, you become stronger.  If your intent is pure, if your decision is for the highest good of all concerned, why doubt yourself any longer? If this is your heart’s decision, move with confidence and trust the process of life.


You are guided to let go and let God
You are despondent as it seems like nothing is realising. You have made all these plans, worked out all the detail and it still seems like nothing is working. Are you in the way?  Are you getting stuck in HOW your prayers must be answered or want to control the outcome? Yes, we must be clear on WHAT it is we wish to manifest and then we have to step out of the way, allowing Divine Guidance to take over and make it happen.  You are always guided and protected. Trust God and the Angels with the details. Step out of doubt and fear.  Be confident in your gifts and abilities and rise up! Everything you still need to know will be presented to you at the right time. Mistakes or failures are making way for new doors opening; rejection only serves as protection for a path that was not meant to be.  How many opportunities have you turned down? How many meetings and ideas have you put on hold or procrastinated on? These are all the signals from the Universe guiding you.  You may miss these as you continue to question and analyse everything that comes your way. Answers, miracles and guidance come in different forms than what we expect; deal with reality as it unfolds, keep your vision. Trust, let go and let God.


You are guided to feminine wisdom

The moon is filled with energies of love, compassion, wisdom, intuition, nurturing and understanding.  It is a very feminine energy that holds great wisdom to help us practise these qualities in our day to day to life.  During full moon periods, the moon energy can help us cleanse, clear and transition and raise our vibration to higher frequencies of love and wisdom. Remember you can bask in the light of the moon, at any time, to cleanse your aura and re-energise your being.  The moon radiates all these beautiful, divine, feminine qualities for you to draw from when you feel tired, exhausted and burdened by too much responsibility. Go within, shower yourself with love and compassion and ask your deepest, most feminine wisdom for the clarity and discernment you are seeking. Be silent and listen.

Allow this Guidance to assist you to set intentions, be clear and experience results and inner harmony!

Much love