As per our facebook live message today, here are the guidance from card deck – Whispered Guidance pertaining to our messages of turning around limiting beliefs:

You are guided to stay positive.

Our thoughts play the most important part in wanting to create that which we desire and want to attract into our lives. Many times we say this is so difficult – we have reality to deal with!  There  are the media, negative people, the suffering and the mixed feelings one would generally  experience when  suffering lack. Our thoughts are like medication for the soul.  They heal,  they renew,  they replenish and most of all,  they create our world.  Choose them with such intent. Why don’t you daydream a bit?  Daydream your life – imagine your life in its perfect state.  Be a little child for a while and play your life out. Dress up, make believe and feel every emotion of your imaginary life.  Feel the joy and happiness well up deep within. When you come out of this daydream, look around you.  Count all the little things you have already – little signs of the building blocks towards that which you have imagined.  Where you cannot see anything yet, say thank you for the “empty space” and the “nothing” as making space for what is to come. Do this daily. Every moment is a moment of gratitude – this is your faith. Trust as your dream unfolds. Just for a moment, allow yourself the wonder and magic of daydreaming and  remain positive.


You are guided to make a decision.

Must I make this move? Must I leave or stay? Must I change my job? Do I take this opportunity?
Is this right for me? We pace up and down, seek counsel, analyse, work out pros and cons and we do whatever we can to work out the detail of our lives to ensure the decision is right.
Try for one moment to not think about anything. For a brief moment, put all your decisions aside – STOP THINKING – STOP THE MENTAL MOVIE. For a brief moment, ask yourself this question:  What if I am safe, protected and blessed? What if the choice I am making for me is right for me at this time? What if I am living in complete guidance right now? If it is the right choice for you, you  should be able to feel the stillness, the calmness welling up inside you now. Do you still feel uncomfortable? Some paths are uncomfortable, unknown and scary.  Others are easy and comfortable. In uncomfortableness we grow.  Every time you walk away with a learning, growth and wisdom. You are always taken care of and guided.  Let go and trust.  There is no right or  wrong decision.  It is a journey, a journey filled with guidance, wisdom and blessings. All of your needs are taken care of, now and always,

With love