Good Morning Everybody,

During last night’s Q and A with the Angels on our Facebook live, we received beautiful guidance with Archangel Gabriel.

One of the profound moments of guidance was around Soul Conversations. When last did you take some quiet time to listen to your Soul speak?  Or perhaps sit quietly and just write, write about your musings or life contemplations?

Soul Conversations are about getting out of your mind and into the experience. If you had nothing to say, nothing to ask, and you just sit quietly, what will fall from your pen?
When we are in conversations with our Soul, we can almost imagine us having a conversation with our very own Higher Self Persona.  This person only wants the best for us, only believes in our highest potential, never looks back, always walks forward. This conversation is the unconditional, most loving, understanding, and deepest conversation that ignites sparks of wisdom and creativity within you.

We do indeed journal our healing, our heartbreak, and even our questions and answers, yet a Soul Conversation is a contemplation that connects you with the deepest part of who you truly are.  It is even difficult to define this, as it is to be found within yourself.

How about a Soul Conversation by candlelight, when next you have load-shedding?  Light a candle, grab your favourite pen or ink, and let it flow. Profound Silence. Profound Wisdom.

Wishing you soul filled revelations and sparks of faith and joy,

So much love,