Someone out there needs you today.  Today is a day of giving kindness, time, attention, money, goods etc.  Have you been feeling that you needed to donate something?  Can you spare a day or an afternoon to volunteer?

For most of us giving comes naturally, it feels good to make someone’s day, to give another hope.  It needn’t be money or goods, it can be a cooked meal, a kind gesture or simply a welcoming smile.

The more you give, the more you receive.  Give with absolute joy in your heart, expecting nothing in return.  You will be amazed at how the Universe gives it back to you!  In miraculous ways…a short, powerful message for this day to move us into the spirit of giving.

And if no one comes to mind for you yet, start this day with an open heart, a willingness to give of yourself and ask the Universe to send the right people and circumstances to you – you’ll be surprised 🙂

All in the spirit of our THANK YOU week – thank you that I am able to give of the best of me in order for someone else to see the best in them,