Hi everyone,

This morning I asked for an inspirational message for this day – and I received the card above.  Share your Art with the World!

What a beautiful reminder for us to share ourselves with the world, whether it is a creative project, a talent, a gift or your business skills – allow others to enjoy your work, your presence – believe that you give to others with what you have already!  What if someone else was just waiting for your opinion?

What if someone else was just ready to receive your encouragement?
What if someone else needs to be inspired by your talent?

You see, it is not about it being perfect.  It is not about whether it is good enough to be out there.  It is not whether your opinion will be judged – it is about the truth that you need to share who you are, what you have with those around you.  It is about believing in yourself, what you bring and then to grow and expand from there!

Many years ago I had an amazing mentor and guide and he taught me to see criticism as feedback.  It is merely feedback, that may make you uncomfortable for a little while, but the growth and insight you gain from allowing yourself to receive feedback, on all levels, with all situations, is invaluable!

Don’t be afraid to share your work because you fear criticism – it might just be the most amazing aha moment you will have!

Wishing you an abundant day!
With love