Today, I felt drawn to this card from my deck “Whispered Guidance”

You are guided to rise above and live with passion.

You may feel that your passion has dimmed a little.  Deep down inside you know it is there, yet you feel solemn and reserved. It feels as if your joy, excitement and enthusiasm are gone. This is not just a thought, it is a decision.  You choose to, in any given moment, give permission for passion to show up.

Do what you are passionate about. Speak, act and believe in what you do. Let your decisions be true to you and your passion – not by comparison to others. And if you are currently doing what is NOT your passion? Know this: it is a temporary detour that will lead you to where you need to be.  Give yourself permission to give this temporary detour all the passion you can muster.  Find reasons to be enthusiastic and excited – otherwise, what is the good of where you are now?

Choose a passionate outlook that says “no matter what I do, where I am, I live my life with quivering anticipation because I know it is leading me to exactly where I need to be”. Embrace where you are and step into it with joy, no matter what. Schedule JOY appointments with yourself – do small things that make you joyful every so often.

Adopt a sense of humour and laugh your way forward. The sooner you do, the sooner the outcome of passion will unfold for you.

Sending you wishes for a JOYFUL weekend!
So much love