Good morning everybody,

Last night, during our Facebook Live Session, the guidance of REST came up and how important it is for us to rest – not only our physical bodies, but also emotionally and mentally too!  So, I decided to share the guidance with everybody here today:

You are guided to rest.

Rest your mind and hand over your fears and worries. Ask for Heaven’s help. Rest your mind from always wanting to know how everything will work out. Take a long, slow and deep breath; the how has already been planned. Just ask for what it is you need to receive. Rest in this.

Rest your soul by sitting silently for a few minutes.  Not a thought is necessary, simply just connect and allow your soul to speak.  It does not matter whether you hear the message or not.  It simply is.

Rest your physical body by taking naps.  It allows the body to re-charge and retain vitality.  Naps are necessary for creativity; ask a question before you nap and you will be surprised about the answer upon waking! Take some time out; better yet, switch off for a day or two in nature with no electronic gadgets and interference.

Know that you are always supported, always guided and that you do not have to carry the burden of life alone.  The body follows the mind – as your mind rests so you will your body, as your body rests so will your mind.  Allow for this to happen.

And if you can’t do it today – be sure to schedule REST as your very next important appointment 🙂

All is well,
So much love