Today’s message guides us to resetting our anger into harmony.   It is not always easy, it might be uncomfortable and for the most part we fear the judgement and rejection that anger brings.  In stead of resistance, flow with it – and see the love it brings!

Here is a our card for this day:

You are guided to acknowledge Anger

Anger stems from guilt, the desire to control something, from ego wanting to direct your life’s course instead of Divine Purpose. We get angry when someone does not live up to our expectations. What if the situation was a mirror?  Those who happen to “press your buttons” are not the cause of your anger, as they are also here to learn.So if we are all mirrors of one another, and we all have different expectations, what then is the point of anger? When you feel angered, stop for a moment and become aware of the emotion.  Don’t suppress it. Take a moment to reflect and be a witness to your anger.  Observe your reaction. Determine what issues of attachment are still at work deep within and begin to change a possible negative pattern. Walk away, tone down, be calm and smile. It is difficult to feel anger while you are smiling.  Your smile may even trigger a “mirror” response in the other person. Thank the person, situation and anger for presenting the lesson. Anger is a disharmonious energy which creates disease in the body.  Learn to transform this energy by dealing with it constructively – not from the ego, but from the heart, with compassion and kindness. Know that there is a Universal Consciousness that leads to harmony. Make friends with Anger.

Sending you love and compassion,