Morning everyone,

Just for today, remember that you are a part of divine perfection.  You are worthy because within you, there was a purpose and reason for your journey. You are worthy for you are a part of divine perfection.

We often speak about Divine Timing, Divine Guidance, Divine Will and how we want to move closer to the Divine – to realise the worth of the Divine in our lives.  Remember today that you are a part of that, you are not seperate from that.  Your journey, your growth, your life mission has all been decided upon because you are seen as worthy – you are enough, you are more than enough, you have God within you.

Recognise today that within you there is part that is absolutely perfect, absolutely worthy to receive from this life all the joy, all the love all the happiness, all the abundance and that you can realise divine perfection in your own life and those of others.

Divine Perfection says I AM WORTHY.  See the jewel and the light of this inside you today, let it shine and come forth – walk, talk, work from this vibration, from this belief and you will find the same returning back to you.

So much love always,