Hi everyone,

Let us be guided on the relationship we hold today as it is a time of nurturing.  Archangel Raguel can assist us to bring harmony and balance into relationship matters during conflict – especially if we feel that what happened was “unfair” and Archangel Raphael can also help to heal matters of heart and assist us to speak our truth with love and sincerity.

Today’s guidance is from my deck Whispered Guidance:

You are guided to nurture loving relationships

Ask the Angels to help you nurture loving relationships.  Archangel Raphael can help you foster open and loving communication to bring about the healing that is required. As you seek to receive and present the truth, ask that your heart is filled with compassion and peace.  Let go of harsh judgements. Unconditional love requires compassion, understanding and a heart willing to listen. Let go of past circumstances that may be influencing this situation. Nurture all relationships right now. Ask for help as there may be people willing to assist you with this situation.  Trust your intuitive feelings and thoughts. You are guided to act in intuition and not emotion. Intuition is the thoughts that speak wisdom, that remain stable and persistent.  Emotions are up and down and impulsive. Be silent, let your heart speak and be patient.