Hello Everybody,

Are you questioning your purpose at this time?

A card for today from my “Whispered Guidance” deck, reminds us that you can step into being purpose now.

You are guided to step into purpose

Are you searching for your purpose? Do you feel stuck in a rut and believe that you are destined for more, much more than what you are doing now? Stop searching, you are purpose already! Believe that your presence on earth and your journey thus far are part of the process that leads you to purpose. Every day, every encounter, every task is part of your purpose.  With what intent are you doing this? Check-in with your heart daily; the more joyful you are, the more you connect to purpose.  The more heart stuff you do, the more purpose becomes.  Do what makes your heart sing, and if you are not doing that right now, sing for joy that you are on a temporary path that is necessary for you to get to purpose. As you do this, all paths, opportunities, and introductions will lead you further into your specific purpose.  Perhaps you feel that you are on purpose and that it is taking too long to unfold to perfection, to where you want to be ultimately… have faith,  it is all unfolding as it should.  Take one day at a time, act with intent and show kindness, compassion, understanding, and love in all you do and all you meet. This ultimately is purpose.  

So much love to you all,