You are guided to awareness.

Being in awareness means that you are fully present in all aspects of your life.  You notice the flowers alongside the road; you notice the smiles or the tears of fellow humans; you notice the masks of fear and insecurity of your children.  Time passes, yet you are fully aware of every moment. You are guided to take note of how quickly time and situations pass.

It seems that there are not enough hours in one day and that life is one endless rush of things to do.  Stop. Be present.  In the busyness of life, choose to be present with every moment; experience and embrace every moment of every day.

Be mindful of the time spent with loved ones and children. Remove distractions for your time together and focus on the special moments that become memories.  As you become more aware, you become in touch with the oneness of all.  You create an interconnectedness with all beings and Mother Earth.  You appreciate life, in all its facets, as truly beautiful.

Awareness creates time.