Hi everybody,

Today we are guided to practise!  Practise your work, practise your talk, practise your workshop, practise your skills – whether you know exactly what to do or not.

Whether you have clients or not, or maybe still need to work on the details – just for today, just practise it.  Sometimes we procratinate because we simply don’t know how to proceed.  Or we fear being wrong or making mistakes.  Practise makes perfect.

Stand in front of your mirror, acknowledge yourself, affirm “I love you, you are good enough” and simply start practising.  Sometimes we want to “perfect” someting before we “practise” – no need, the more you practise, the more perfect it becomes.

One step at a time, one day at a time. Make the time, step into doing what you love, start that business or workshop and practise it into being.

Wishing you love and confidence,