Hi everyone,

What is disturbing your peace currently?  What would you love to do or be that will allow you to experience peace, right now, in this moment?

Peace comes from a knowingness that everything will work out for you.  Peace comes from seeing the hidden blessings in a challenge even though you have no idea as to the reason why, or the blessing or outcome has not shown up for you yet, you know that whatever happened is part of the greater good, the bigger picture.  Peace is not something that comes as a result of an event, outcome or prayer.  Peace is something that you feel, deep inside, when you hold onto the positive, when you claim the outcome, when you are in deep gratitude for the support and answers that is on its way to you.

Letting go, speaking out, asking and staying positive is what brings peace.  Feeling safe and secure, even if it feels as if physically you are standing alone, you know within that there is so much love, support and good unfolding.  Ask, believe, receive – this journey brings peace.

When you ask, allow faith to bring you peace.
Whilst you believe, allow trust to bring you peace.
Whilst you receive, allow gratitude to bring peace.

What you seek is seeking you, and if you are seeking peace today, step into it.  Step towards it.  Feel how the release and letting go makes space for an inner peace to surround you now.  Ask the Angels and your Guides to allow you to experience peace.  Your Soul knows all is good.  Your Soul knows of the many times you have been supported and guided.  Your Soul knows of all the times that you were held and taken care of.

Let this knowingness seep deep within your soul.
Be at Peace,
So much love