The more you open your heart, the more your Soul wil speak.  Perhaps you feel that matters of the heart are too painful. Or you feel let down by Trust and therefore have closed up that part of you that needs to love, to give love, to receive love.

Just for today, let love pour from your soul.  When you speak to strangers, when you go about your daily duties or perhaps just resting, Open your heart and send love out.  Love has such a healing life force energy and it attracts the same light back to you.  The only way we can heal from hurt and disapppintments is to reflect love out so it can return back to you to heal the wounds.

How do you do this, you may ask?  Simply think love while you work, set an intention to send love out, it will come through in your smile, it will come through in people receiving your words.  Hold your hand on your heart for a few minutes, doing nothing but just feeling the presence of your heart.  Simply think Love, and then give it wings.

Ask your Higher Self in what other creative ways you can send love out, into the world, to Mother Earth, to nature, to animals, to loved ones and family.  Small acts, huge difference.

When we build walls to protect ourselves, we actually isolate ourselves from the healing power of love.  Just for today experience this amazing life force energy called Love.

Wishing you a love filled Wednesday,