Good afternoon everyone,

I came across a quote this morning – “What mattered was to leave the wound open so that the sun could purify it and the rain cleanse it” – The Spy, Paulo Coelho

“It matters that we sometimes leave our wounds open, that we go to our most vulnerable place.
It matters that we dare to go behind the walls to discover the most hidden part of ourselves that have been buried for so long.
It matters to grieve from the deepest darkest space of ourselves.
It matters that it is out in the open, nothing suppressed, nothing hidden – only the truth of the pain.

That is how the sun comes in, how the radiance of new, golden energy replaces the old with the new.
How the life force enters that space and opens up new potential, new life.
How the tears become the healing water that leaves you cleansed, renewed.

It all matters.
It matters that you walk forward, completely empty, honest, cleansed and renewed.
It matters that you discovered parts of yourself that you never knew existed.

And all this, moves you into a space of immense gratitude, joy and new beginnings” – Michelle Vooght

Namaste everyone,
So much love

PS:  If you need help with replacing hurt, sorrow, pain and old negative energy, call on Archangel Metatron to shower you with golden light, Sun Energy and to guide you onto the path of growth, new beliefs and higher potential.