No pressure!

Be you, where you are, what you do and how you BE – yes BEING, not doing.

There is so much information and guidance to change, to heal, to create, to do – and this is WONDERFUL! So many teachers showing up for us at this time – and these teachers are people, circumstances, choices, decisions, people we meet…

In the midst of all of this remember… who you are, where you are and how you show up for now, is perfect. You will be guided where you need to be next, things have a way of unfolding in its own space and time…present moments and flow have shown us this. Remember…

Don’t be pressurised by things not happening quick enough.
Or being hard on yourself because you have been struggling with this same thing, for too long now.

Yes, have the intention, willingness and open heart.
Ask to be shown and be guided as to the how and where to.
Open eyes, open ears and open mind.

Dear One, take the pressure of yourself – your own pace, your own journey.

Wishing you love and blessings for this day