Goodmorning everybody,

This morning I woke up to this soul light: “I have a vision for my life and can make it real”

Do you have a vision?
Is your vision alive in your heart and mind?
If your reality hasn’t matched up to the vision YET, are you still positive, holding the vibration and in faith that your vision can absolutely become real?

It is not that our visions are far away in the future, or still not there or impossible, it matters that you have one, it matters that you trust the process and have faith that every step you take will lead you to that vision – every little thing you do now, is the build up towards the bigger picture.

But for starters, you have to intentfully hold it.
You have to vibe it with colour, sounds, feelings, images that bring you excitement, joy, happiness and gratitude.
You have to keep the faith and remain in gratitude, love and kindness towards life.
When challenges or resistance show up, remind life of your vision and where you are on your way too.

Be reminded today of your vision – whatever it is for you, it is unique, it is important, it can happen and most of all, YES it can happen! Just as you intended and if it works out differently be sure to see that it will show up BETTER than what you imagined.

You can ask Archangel Gabriel to assist you with making your vision more clear to you and you can ask Archangel Michael to help you set intention with absolute confidence, trust and faith.

Once you have asked, then become still and receive the ideas, inspiration and guidance as you go, one step at a time.

Much love