New things are coming your way!

Are there a lot of changes in your life now?  Have you been feeling unbalanced, lopsided and battling to get things off the ground?

When changes happen, or we feel that it has been difficult to get going, there is always, always a reason for it to be so.  We cause ourselves so much stress and anxiety when we resist this phase or changes in our lives.

Unexpected events lead to new directions, chaos leads to order and confusion leads to clarity. Trust and know that God and the Universe wants you to be happy, wants you to experience joyful new beginnings!

When you feel like this, ask for help and start feeling optimistic.  Adapt and accept changes and open your eyes to new possibilities that you may have not seen before.  Take action on a clean slate and go from there….It is a good time for you!

Archangel Jeremiel can help us to see our lives more clearly.  “The world becomes clear when YOU are clear”. What do you need to be clear?

Archangel Jeremiel can assist you to do a review, of your life, your past and motivate you towards a new vision for your future.  Believe that changes bring happiness and new opportunities.  Answer the following questions from your heart and see what Guidance comes up for you today:

1. What is serving me currently, what is going easy and effortless for me? – keep this going.
2. What is going against the flow, what is not serving me? Let this go or hand over to the Angels to assist you with the action you need to take.
3. What would I do differently going forward?
4. Forgive and bless your past and acknowledge your leanings with love.
5. Create a new vision and make the changes that fits this new picture.

Exciting changes are coming.