Hi everyone,

Now, more than ever, we must pay attention to the words we speak.  If you find it challening to stay positive or to change the continuous flow of many different thoughts throughout the day – then speaking will help!

When you catch yourself talking negative, or the second you become aware of a negative thought – stop – be in awareness – rephrase your sentence – verbalise your thoughts out loud.  Say to yourself “I rephrase that…..” and then replace it with a positive sentence, words of hope, reminders of faith and a vibration of encouragement.

The more you do this, the more you will align to a more positive way of speaking.  The words we speak over our lives, over those of others, over our circumstances ultimately become our reality.  Just for today, speak blessings, speak gratitude, speak encouragement, speak hope, speak recognition – do this often, do this everytime you become aware of a negative thought or when you are feeling down.  It will raise your vibration, and you will see how reality unfolds differently for you eventually.

Archangel Jophiel is known as the Angel of Beauty, of Positivity of Wisdom.  She can assist you with thinking different thoughts, aligning positively to situations and seeing the silver lining.  Ask her today to assist you to notice the beauty around you and to receive inspiration and creative ways to heal situations and create beautiful outcomes.

“Imagine you are in a beautiful space of nature.  Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a beautiful Angel Presence coming from this space.  See a beautiful tree or flower.  See the situation you would like to change, as part of the tree or flower.  See it being transformed and cleared and becoming more beautiful – as the tree brings wisdom and the flower brings beauty – see the situation unfolding in the same light – bringing you wisdom and beauty.  Speak positive words into the situation.  Ask Archangel Jophiel for more positive words…sit a while, let it come….speak it…sit a while….speak it.  Thank Archangel Jophiel for Her Guidance and Wisdom.  Open your eyes and feel light and feel positive.  Repeat the words you have received a few times during the next few days.  It will change the outcome”

Sending you much much love and positive outcomes